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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  April 13, 2013 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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morgan. >> keep it in mind. >> elizabeth: interesting sphuv. that's it for forbes on fox. thank you for watching. the number one business block continuous with eric boling and cashin in. >> eric: exchanging fire over gun control. lawmakers setting their sites on universal background checks. will it keep us safe or infringe on my wallet. price tag is trillionings. how will we get out of break. the break down now how much it costs us. jay 0 and beyonce taking heat for traveling to cub a. free style cashin in starts right now. i am eric bowl welcome to cashin' in. wayne rogers and john thon and kimberly and july and welcome
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everybody. we'll get to michelle in a moment. and the cost of immigration. , mandatory background checkings for all gun owners gaining support. dc is debating if it is unconstitutional. who in the world will pay for the background checkings. kimberly, it will cost a lot of money. >> it did. did anybody think about want cost of the that and what the background checks always in place. where is the value-added benefit and putting forward extra costs? they have been able to get individuals to sign on to it and there were courting going on joe manchin to get them together. >> a big boat ride and all of the sudden, republican governors senators, signing on
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to that. >> eric: johnathon every rule and regulation ends up costing the people who are the consumers and costing us more money, right. >> exactly . whether it is in healthcare or finance or guns, the second amendment, regulation punishes innocent people. this is preventative law to an honest law-abiding citizen who want to exercise the second amendment right. no, you have to pay a fine and it is an expense and it is not punishing the criminals who did wrong. but gun owners for wanting to exercise their second amendment and does nothing to keep our country safer. >> eric: julie pick up on that . obama care for guns and a 10,000 fine if you don't have liability. will this keep america safer. >> background checkings yes. the virginia gunman was able
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to go on line. he hopefully, i hope not have gotten the gun. >> eric: you don't need a background check. >> i don't get one or at gun shows. >> eric: you have to pick it up from a dealer. >> you go to a gun show. >> eric: you don't there as well >> there is a gun show. >> eric: most states you are going to have to do that. >> there is loop holings. >> eric: one issue, if i tomit give my gun to the child do i have to background check my own kid? >> that is a little nuts, you knoweric. the whole thing is ridiculous. even if you stopped it and say we are going to stop gun wherever. a kid that had a knife and carved up in the middle east they use bombs. crazy people are going to do whatever they want to . alm . regulation is foolish and here
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you have for example, eric holder who is leading, i mean he is the attorney general of the united states and pushed fast and furious which is this have been call would dumb and dumber they pushed arms to mexican gun lord and found out they ended up kiming u.s. agents with their own guns it is just dumb. the whome thing is based on this outrage that came out of -- and obama politicizing it and it is worthless. there are tooch -- too manying exceptions. >> and 95 percent of them said limiting the magazine rounds to 10 or less, 95 percent said it would have no on violent crime. 71% said banning semiassault weapons. will also have no affect on violent crime.
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>> no one want to look at the real fact. this is political hype that is going on . not benefiting the democrats and president. the president took down six percent in the polls. he keeps pushing the grab on guns and legislation and regulation. this is more nonsense and they are not lips lising to the - listening to the people. >> they promised the would help solve crime but it raises costs same thing with dodd-frank. it didn't aleviate the problem. what bothers me about it. government is supposed to use force against criminals and not innocent law-abiding americans who simply want to own a fire arm. >> 90 percent of the americans, 90 percent support the background checkings. what is the prob. if they feel safer. >> here's the issue. a lot of majorilatey rule .
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conservativings -- it is explose to be universal background check you are creating a national registry for gunings. >> okay, you are not creating it. law of unintended consequences. ip want to make sure it will not go to a crazy psychothat blows up my school or your school. what is wrong with that >> eric: we have blows. >> i am holding up the u.s. constitution. this work would 237 years and is there any reason to change it now. >> of course not. the whole idea is crazy. we have 18 states for example that regulate and if you have it licensed as a federal fire arm seams man you must have a background. this is a statistic, for example, bureau of justice reported on fire arms used by
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offenders and found.8 percent reported using guns from a gun show. this is nuts. a guy who is a crook will get it regardless of background checkings. the feds are just spending a lot of the money and make a big politicalizing it. >> it is a great point. regulation doesn't stop it. it makes it more difficult to detect. healthcare, doctors have to regulated but that doesn't stop the terrible thickings . in a free market what is proper regulation and focus on the people that commit crimes. not only the ones they think might commit a crime. >> eric: if you implement it and it doesn't work. >> yes, it will bring down point. if ape crazy guy commits a
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crime and goes out to a gun show and all of the sudden is able to purcase a gun he will use it. >> this is a known criminal. >> you will not opinion that because you don't do a background check. >> excuse me. if he is it a nut case he will get a knife and not a gun or a bomb. >> how many die from knife fights. >> at least 14. were wounded.ant the federal government involved in something else. they fail at anything they touch . it is more complicated or inefficient. stay out. >> eric: coming up. hold on to your wallet. letting illegal immigrants can add trillions to soaring debt. that's next. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest
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>> hemo, everybody. i am uma in washington with a fox newings alert. secretary of state john kerry meeting with the chinese leader to help stop tedgeses. he is urging them to get north korea to tone it down. you will hear from mike huckabee who shares concerns about the nuclear threat. more break newings. tiger woods gets a reprieve today. assessed a two stroke penalty on the second round of the masters, there was concern he could be disqualified. and utah editor mike lee is
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not happy with the background checkings on the gun bill . new information on the texas da murder investigation coming up next. that is 18 minutes from now. stay with us. , see you then. >> eric: let's just say you are for illegal immigration reform. a new report expected to show making illegals legal would add four or five trillion to the national debt. liberals say it is a no brainer. michelle said something different. michelle, the number is staggering. we knew it would cost and pull it off would cost a lot of money. but 4-5 trillion. >> yeah, it is not new. last time they looked at the cost of amnesty and talking between 11-20 million illegal
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aliens absorbed in the economy and social safety net when you net it out. back in 2006 and 7 they estimated one trillion or four trillion dollars. what you are lookingalt. making them legal and putting them so on a so-called path to citizenship and giving them the opportunity to petition the relative. we are talking about low skilled workers and giving up the sovereign american ability to determine who comes in the country and what skills they do offer us. particularly in a time when there is 23 million illegal american resident who are out of work. >> eric: the senate is draw up a bill immigration reform bill next week. do you expect a path to citizenship. that is difference than pass to legality. you expect citizenship to be in the bill?
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>> that is inevitable result. what we need to do every time the discussions come up in washington which are desperate political pandering measures and in the case of the republican party desperate and misguided attempt to rescue themselveses from the demographic you have to look at past amnesties. they have engaged in rhetoric about promising we would get enforcement in exchange for temporary amnesty. there is no such thing. look at one single program. temporarily protective status that benefits many people here illegally as a result of misfortunate in the home countries and natural disaster and civil war and epidemicings. this result indeed permanent
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amnesty that cost taxpayers and we are not even talking about obama care costings. >> eric: the costs could soar if it incluppeds obama care. that would be. is this a pass to citizenship or a pass to democratic voice. >> it is about cheap labor and votings. that is the case since 1986 when ronald reagan made the mistake of giving the golden tickets. there have been many amnesties and what it has done sealed a permanent ruling majority for the democratic party and the republican party is under the delusion if they go along and capituality them it never has and never will. >> eric: ap dropped illegal from illegal imgrants from the style book. quickly a thought? >> open border zelots are
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trying to white wash the rule of law and language as well . a blur and eradicate the difference between people who come here legally and those who don't. >> eric: thank you for joining us. thank you, michelle. coming up, the panel is back and so are jay 0and beyonce is who is rapping about getting pummel would for going to cuba with his wife. is it time to open up travel to the caribbean island? at his, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on hisortfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age.
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it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> eric: coming up. jay z and beyonce is under fire to cub a. someone here said we should all be allowed to go there.
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>> eric: jay z versusus jay carny. the treasury and not the white house gave the green light for jay z and wife beyonce to travel to cuba. regardless of that he is rapping. snolt ♪ ♪ boys from the hood white house clamor. (bleep) to me except lie to me and distort history. ♪ >> eric: johnathon you don't think they are criminal but free market capitalist. >> i don't think they are particularly good musician either. but unlike cuba we protect individual rights and that is the right to travel. cuba is not a imminent threat
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but i believe americans should have the right to travel to cube a. they should denounce them as a slave society and people should be careful in traveling to places that don't invest in human rights. so you play with a lot of risks when you travel and invest in countries that don't invest in human rights. >> eric: is it time to open up trade. >> i think trade helps you cut a nation off. look at the problem with north korea. because we don't have any way to know what is going on in the country. you have to have a trade relationship and need an embassy and all of that. otherwise you will not have infrastructure whether it is covert and find out what is going on in the country. yes, we should. >> eric: kimberly you are the
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only hold out. >> i got puerto rico, i don't need cuba. i can go there and spend my money there. i disagree with what is going on in cuba. oand three million people have been fled. why didn't jay z and beyonce given the unique opportunity to go there and use it for the public and social good to say exactly what is going on and eliminate the situation there. that is a different issue than what you are talking about in a business perspective. >> eric: no doubt they wasted an opportunity. we can travel to china and venezuela and a lot of the communist places but not cuba? >> and soviet union which was the mother ship . it showed what the americans were capable of and so we have tried the same policy. castro has been around hundred years and nothing is changing
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and certainly our policy is not changing them. im all for it. reck rick john hon in >> any influence from the west would be a positive. wayne is crazy. there is a difference between cuba and north korea which is threatening us with nuclear war. we should not travel or trade with countries that are threatening us. cuba is not doing that. >> the point is, johnathon if you are doing it covertly you want to get in the country. you have to have pretense. you don't say we love them because they shoot and kill us. you want a mission in there and people in the country so you know what is going on and find out the information. >> that is call would the cia and surveillance. >> eric: i got a deal. kimberly, we'll give them jay 0and beyonce and they give us cigarings.
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>> i am sure for that. now the real reason and peeling it back why you want to get to cub a. i like wayne's idea of embassy and presence and see and begin the steps and ask questions and make demands. >> eric: good job. we thank you to julie for joining us . coming up, government workers collecting sweet pensions when they turn 50. 50, is that why we are broke? mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
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>> what i need for next week. >> this is interesting. you wooneder why we have unfunded persian. there is loop holes and an example right here in massachusetts, if you are 50 you can retire with a full or
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partial pension. no wonder you are broke. >> eric: wayne, you are up. >> i am saying i am fully invested and i am suspicious of the rally and i haven't put any new money to work. you have to hedge yourself to get. look at dog. >> eric: that is riskep . john what is your call. >> 10 years ago i predicted interest rates will fall and i believe they are going to rise. you saw japan go down three times and now the rates are shooting up. it goes up with a 5 year rate and place to be. >> eric: be sure to sign up on wit twit . before we go. listen to the nc chair woman debi wasserman shultz asking


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